Monday, May 5, 2014

Sipalay Summer Sightseeing! (Part 1)

May 4, 2014

Sipalay also known as the Jewel of the Sugar Island is a fourth class city in the south of Negros Occidental. It has been dubbed as the "New Boracay" and I think it has rightfully earned this title. We started for Sipalay at around 6 in the morning and arrived at around 10 or 11 am. The vibe of the big cities becomes diluted with the serenity and peace of the south. The puffy white clouds, the hum of the car, the excited whooping of the wind and the sight of distant mountains kept me at the edge of my seat for most of the ride.

The wind ruffling our hair, the constant hum of the car and the mixes of Zedd and Avicii kept us pumped for most of the ride as we continued down south. We were going to stay at a hotel called Sipalay Suites, owned by the Mayor of Sipalay, Mr. Montilla and we were stoked to see if it was really worth the 2,800 pesos we spent for the room. It also promised an easy route that can be walked directly toward the shoreline.

I started to feel the heat lessen in its ferocity as we headed south. The tall buildings gave way to rolling meadows and humble nipa huts (a native house made from bamboo and nipa palms). We stopped a couple of times to ask for directions and refreshments and were greeted with friendly smiles and accomodating people. About halfway through the trip, we started to climb the first of many roads that sloped upwards and we were worried if the car would make it. It did and we were greeted with the first glimpse of the southern shoreline.

It took my breath away, like literally the air in my chest was exhaled in a long and shuddering sigh as I beheld the shoreline. I don't think words can really ever encapsulate the feelings associated with the senses but I will try my best. I could smell the sea and the tanginess of salt in the wind and the way it was blowing made you just want to lay down and sleep. The sand in this part isn't that white and I asked a nearby local store owner why that was. He said that this was still part of Cauayan (the town before Sipalay) and it filled me with a sense of excitement. I wondered what could Sipalay bring in store for me.

Part 2 coming soon! :D

Sunday, May 4, 2014

About This Blog

I love to travel, plain and simple. The sole action of travelling is so amazing in itself because the experience of seeing something you've never seen before, to taste food you've never had and meeting intense and awesome people is just so beautiful because it makes you feel more connected to the entirety of life at the same time feeling somehow disconnected. The feeling of the wind in your face, the sight of the countryside passing by like a slideshow and the feeling of just going somewhere it's.. it's just incredible.

This blog will be about all the places I've been to (I live in the Philippines) notably resorts, tourist attractions and the like. Also, this will include restaurants that I've eaten in. I'd like to go to restaurants that aren't that well-known so that they'd gain a better reputation befitting their food, service and the over-all experince. As of now, I've only gone to certain provinces and locations within the Philippines except for one time where I went to Hong Kong but I didn't really bother taking pictures but I plan to add more! :D

This blog will also be for personal reasons because I forget things really fast , hence I will be using this blog as an online journal of sorts. I' also like to use my being very critical about everything (as you will see in my posts) to good use. So that I won't be the only one benifitting from this blog I will post so that I can share my experiences to all you guys. I'll also post to help you find places where you will really get your money's worth.

I just came back from Sipalay (The Sugar Island of Negros) so expect a post to be up tomorrow or the day after that.

That being said, I hope you enjoy the blog! :D